Don't Sacrifice Your Children on the Altar of Big Pharma

Don't Sacrifice Your Children on the Altar of Big Pharma

Dr. David Martin - “What is being injected into the arms of little kids today, is a weapon and if we actually called it a weapon, we would have parents less likely to take their kids to assassination. Let’s start calling it what it is. Let’s not be pro or anti vax, let’s be anti-assassination of little children.”(1) WOW! How can Dr. Martin make such an inflammatory statement? It’s because he knows the data inside and out. The question is, do we? Do we as parents know what we are allowing to be injected into the arms of our children? It’s time we get informed, otherwise we might be sealing the fate of our children to a lifetime of dependency on Big Pharma!!

Need for Transparency

It goes without saying that the need for transparency is of utmost importance with respect to the effects of the COVID-19 “vaccine” and its ingredients. Millions are being mandated to take this “vaccine” if they want to attend school or keep their job. On November 15, 2021, an unconscionable request from the FDA to a federal district court judge revealed that the FDA may be trying to hide some things. The FDA requested the judge give them until 2076 to comply with a FOIA request for the documents Pfizer provided the FDA in order to receive a license for their “vaccine”.  Yes you read that right, it’s not a typo, the FDA wants 55 years to give the public the opportunity to see the documents it took them only 108 days to review.(2)  Seems to me that the FDA is not interested in transparency! This alone should cause every single one of us to pause before rushing to get our children “vaccinated”. What is the FDA trying to hide? Well, we will need to do some of the investigating ourselves.


Let’s start with the overwhelming data that has surfaced regarding the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis among the “vaccinated”. As we look at this data, keep in mind that once the heart is damaged, it does not regenerate; any diagnosis of myocarditis or pericarditis is a life-altering diagnosis. 

For 12-17 year-olds, as of November 5, 2021, there have been 552 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis documented on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).(3) It’s important to note that VAERS is underreported by a factor of 5 as it relates to COVID-19 deaths(4) and historically, “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”(5) Therefore, the estimated number of adolescents with life-altering heart damage from the COVID-19 “vaccine” may be closer to 55,200 (if only 1% are documented through VAERS). The latest report from VAERS indicates there have been 18,461 deaths among all age groups (see Figure 1) which translates to 92,305 deaths from the vaccine, if we factor in


Figure 1. VAERS data from 11/5/21 update. Retrieved from

under reporting by a factor of 5 as it relates to COVID-19 deaths. It’s important to note that the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market after only 53 deaths!(6)  Are you beginning to see that there is a problem here?

You may want to pause and let this data sink in for a moment. Reread it several times while asking yourself, if my child has a 99.998% chance of survival from COVID-19, is it really worth the risk of them dying or developing life-altering heart damage to get the “vaccine”?

I recommend taking a deep breath… we are going to look at even more sobering data. Again, this data is straight from VAERS. There have been 2,525 fetal deaths when the mother has received the COVID-19 “vaccine”!!!(7) Let me put that in perspective by comparing it to the risk of fetal death from the flu vaccine.  In 2020, there were 19 fetal deaths when the mother received a flu vaccine and in 2021, there have been 2 fetal deaths.(8)  Even more alarming is when we look back over the past 30 years (January 1, 1990 to November 30, 2020) at the number of deaths from ALL vaccines, which includes a total of 94 different vaccines, there have been 6,152 deaths.(9) Deaths from the COVID-19 “vaccine” since December 1, 2020 are 18,461. Figure 2 illustrates the exponential increase in deaths from the COVID-19 “vaccine”. 

Figure 2. Vaccine related deaths as reported to the CDC as of September 3, 2021. 

If we are honest, truly honest with ourselves, I think we can now see why Dr. Martin calls the COVID-19 “vaccine” a weapon. My stance up until now, has been to put quotations around the word vaccine as a subtle way to say, “hey, I don’t believe that the mRNA injection is actually a vaccine… nudge, nudge, you should go do your own research”.  But after immersing myself in the data (I actually read the 552 VAERS entries for myocarditis/pericarditis injuries among 12-17 year olds), it hit me like a ton of bricks. Taking the “vaccine” is like playing Russian roulette. The injection IS A WEAPON!! So, from this day forward, I will take off my kid gloves and stop using subtleties; it’s not a “vaccine”, it’s a bioweapon!!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a parent.  So let me speak to you parent to parent, I implore you, I plead with you, PLEASE do your own research. Find out what is in the COVID-19 bioweapon before you agree to stick a lethal concoction into your child’s arm. Here’s what I’ve discovered about what’s in the bioweapon, but let this merely be a springboard for your own research.

Ingredients in the Bioweapon

First of all, did you know Moderna admits they are still in the midst of clinical trials? (Figure 3). 

Figure 3. Moderna Safety Information. Retrieved from

They also admit “the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19”(10).  Moderna asserts a 95% efficacy rate, but this is not what we are finding in the real world. In fact, a little-known story shines some light on the truth about these bioweapons.  A physician’s assistant named Deborah Conrad from New York, convinced the hospital she works at to carefully record vaccination status. This proved to be very telling. In a letter to the CDC and FDA, Ms. Conrad’s attorney informs them of her findings. “Hospital admissions increase dramatically & approximately 90% of all admitted patients have received the COVID-19 vaccine even though less than 50% of the community the hospital serves is vaccinated”.

When Moderna says they have a 95% efficacy rate, it contradicts reality.

Here is a list of the ingredients in Moderna’s bioweapon from the “Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers”: messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), lipids (SM-102, polyethylene glycol [PEG] 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol [DMG], cholesterol, and 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC]), tromethamine, tromethamine hydrochloride, acetic acid, sodium acetate trihydrate, and sucrose.(11)

Turns out, this is not the entire list of ingredients. 

Recently, Dr. Carrie Madej obtained vials of the Moderna COVID-19 bioweapon through a chain of custody. She examined the contents using a white light under a compound microscope. What she discovered, brought her to tears. 

At first, the contents appeared translucent but over the span of several hours, colors began to appear suggesting that a chemical reaction was occurring. Dr. Madej says that superconducting material, like an injectable computer system, can respond this way when white light is exposed to it. Interestingly, Moderna admits that their mRNA technology is like an operating system. (see Figure 4) Given what Dr. Madej observed, it’s possible that the injection carries with it an actual operating system! 

Figure 4. Moderna’s mRNA Platform: Enabling Drug Discovery and Development. Retrieved from 

Furthermore, Dr. Madej observed the presence of fibers with cube like structures at the end of them, as well as metallic fragments. She witnessed self-assembly happening among the particulates, as if things were growing. There was one particular object or organism that had tentacles and lifted itself off the glass slide. (see Figure 5) She reported that this object appeared to be self-aware.  It's possible this organism is hydra vulgaris which is a water parasite.  Additionally, Dr. Madej observed graphene-like structures in the contents of the vial.(12) 

Figure 5. Dr. Carrie Madej’s 400x magnification of Moderna bioweapon as seen on The Stew Peters Show.

Former Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston, performed an in-depth analysis of the Pfizer EUA filings and patents surrounding the COVID-19 bioweapon. She found four lipids present in the injection, one being a pegylated lipid nanoparticle, otherwise known as PEG.  Turns out, graphene oxide is in the pegylated lipid nanoparticle, even though it’s not listed in the patent. It’s considered a trade secret.  The main ingredient in hydrogel is graphene oxide. Ms. Kingston traced the graphene oxide to a Chinese company called SINOPEG.(13) 

So, what exactly does all this mean?

First, graphene oxide is poisonous within the human body. Second, it can hold a magnetic charge. It appears that when it’s injected through the bioweapon, it’s in a neutral state, however, if it becomes charged, graphene oxide is toxic and can destroy whatever it comes in contact with.(14) How does it become charged? It receives a charge when it comes in contact with an electromagnetic radiation, such as a wireless device or 5G!!  

I recognize that the cognitive dissonance surrounding the truth about this bioweapon is almost too difficult to overcome. BUT WE MUST PUSH THROUGH THE BARRIERS WITHIN OUR MIND THAT TELL US THIS CAN’T BE TRUE. Please begin to do your own research. Start by following the trail of references I have provided at the end of this article. Don’t just believe what I say or what your doctors, the CDC, or the government are telling you. Isn’t your child’s livelihood worth your investigation into this matter?

Written by Laura Sanger, Ph.D.


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