The Takeover of Humanity

The Takeover of Humanity

While we were distracted by meaningless headlines, the metaverse took one giant leap forward, threatening to reduce human interactions to avatars. The World Government Summit boldly discussed how the New World Order is advancing. Global elites declared “the speed of change is bigger than we expect”.(1) The question we need to ask ourselves is what sort of “change” are they referring to?  Does this change involve propelling us toward living in a virtual world under global governance?

The World Government Summit held in Dubai on March 22-23, 2022 was a gathering of global leaders focused on the advancement of a “World Government” or a “New World Order”. These globalists celebrated advancements that should cause you and I great concern. For example, the summit celebrated that distance learning for children grew 11 times faster as a result of COVID-19.  Is this really something to celebrate?  I recognize that under the dire circumstances of a lockdown, distance learning is better than no learning, but what toll did this take on our children?

Distance learning equates to children spending more time in front of screens than in face-to-face interactions with people. The impact of home confinement on the mental health of our children was substantial. Studies show that during lockdown, 22.6% - 43% of children and adolescents reported symptoms of depression; 18.9% - 39% reported symptoms of anxiety; and 31% (nearly 1 out of 3 children and/or adolescents) reported both depression and anxiety.(2)(3) 

Many of you probably witnessed this first hand in your own children, I know I did. At first, the termination of face-to-face contact with friends was devastating. There were many tears and emotional outbursts as my children attempted to cope with the lockdowns. My husband and I knew that the mental health of our children was far more important than obeying government restrictions. So, we created as many opportunities as we could for our children to hang out with their friends. In fact, we quickly learned which families thought similarly with regard to their children’s overall health. But as much as we tried to create face-to-face interactions, the lockdowns had a profound impact on our children, particularly on our youngest son. By nature, he is a people person; he’s an encourager of others, who generally thrives when he is around a group of people. But since 2020, he prefers to sit at home and connect with his friends through the “mirror world metaverse” of gaming rather than arrange to see them in person. 

If we consider the big picture, it becomes clear that this was all by design. While lockdowns were unsuccessful in mitigating the transmission of COVID-19, they were successful in preparing our children for the metaverse. Some of you may think I’m jaded. Perhaps I am. But my eyes are wide open, I refuse to be hoodwinked by Nephilim Hosts who want to strip away our humanity. We can’t be caught sleeping on this one!  So, what is the metaverse?

The Metaverse

During my final year of graduate school, the World Wide Web was released to the public. I remember commercials advertising “Surf the Web”. Being a Californian at the time, I was confused.  How do you surf a web? When it comes to the metaverse, I am having a bit of a flashback. How do you live in a virtual world? First, let’s define some terms and then see what some of the main contributors are saying about the metaverse.

Metaverse is 3-D virtual reality in which avatars are used to engage in social and economic activities just like in the real world. An avatar represents one’s real self within the metaverse, like a clone.(4)  Metaverse has four categories: (a) a virtual world, (b) a mirror world that reflects current reality, (c) an augmented reality which overlays information onto the real world, and (d) life-logging which records everyday information about people and things.(5) The term “metaverse” is a compound word; ‘meta’ means “virtual, transcendence” and ‘verse’ is a back-formation of “universe”. The metaverse in “it’s most complete form, will be a series of decentralized, interconnected virtual worlds with a fully functioning economy where people can do just about anything they can do in the physical world.”(6) 

The term metaverse was first introduced in a 1992 science-fiction novel called Snow Crash in which a dystopian society was created following the crash of the global economy.  Corporations took over and life became miserable.  In order to escape the misery, people entered the metaverse which was a 3-D virtual cityscape.(7)  This sounds eerily familiar.

If we consider the etymology of the words within the compound word ‘metaverse’, we arrive at a much different meaning.  In Hebrew, ‘meta’ is the present and past tense verb “to die”.(8)   The word ‘verse’ comes from the Latin word ‘versum’ meaning “to turn, turnaround.”(9) Words are powerful; the meaning embedded in the etymology of words can be a declaration of future potential. The etymological meaning of ‘metaverse’ means “to turn dead”. In other words, to turn something that was alive and vibrant, such as human interaction, into something dead and lifeless.  This is troubling but of course not to the contributors of the World Government Summit.

His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence for the UAE and Managing Director of the World Government Summit, gave opening remarks on Day 2 of the summit. He said, “what does the metaverse mean for me? It means for me specifically, a world where we can escape. Where we can offer services beyond geographic boundaries. It means a world where we are able to really enter into the virtual world and consume its knowledge and consume as well the opportunities it brings with it. And finally, it means unleashing a new form of creativity. It’s not just designing physical goods and services but designing a whole new set of worlds, a whole new set of governance protocols and a whole new set of experiences for people from all over the world… the metaverse to me means a new form of expression.”(10)

As a psychologist, I’m concerned that the metaverse will provide a world where people escape, rather than work together to make the real world a better place.  Creative expression and ingenuity will largely be focused on the virtual world rather than the real world. As you can see, there are dystopian undertones to the advancement of the metaverse. It’s yet another means by which Nephilim Hosts can continue to hypnotize the masses.  

Brent Harris, the VP of Governance for Meta Platforms, Inc. says, “the metaverse is going to be the next wave of the internet, it’s the next wave of social technology. It’s going to have properties that we just don’t see today with the technologies that we have. Right now, when you experience applications and when you experience the internet, it’s 2-D, the metaverse will be 3-D which will create a profound effect…it is going to provide a sense of presence… What is so powerful about actually bringing a sense of presence is that it will break down physical barriers that exist today… Metaverse opens the prospects of a new economy and that new economy is going to have property rights and we are beginning to see an intersection of Web 3 and cryptocurrency with the metaverse…it’s actually going to give small businesses and individuals the ability to be paid, the ability to own things, and bring those things with them into different parts of the metaverse and different ecosystems.”(11)

The concept of real estate within the metaverse was introduced by Decentraland. “Decentraland made it possible to purchase land, a virtual real estate, using MANA [non-fungible token, a cryptocurrency]. Users can freely place buildings on land purchased from Decentraland, earn income by attaching billboards to buildings, or open exhibitions by collecting rare digital content.”(12)

In order to convince humanity to embrace the metaverse, the global elites are using the Hegelian dialectic to set the stage (see Figure 1).  The dialectic is a mind-control tactic used to entrap us.

Figure 1. Hegelian Dialectic of 2022 created by Laura Sanger, Ph.D.

George Hegel was a 19th century German philosopher, who was considered the father of secular humanism; he greatly influenced Karl Marx and Charles Darwin. Hegel developed a method by which to arrive at a conclusion. A dialectic is a method of thinking, a basic brain function of differentiation. Hegel believed that the human mind comprehends better when two opposites exist, i.e., black vs white, Republican vs Democrat, progressive vs conservative, socialist vs capitalist, pro-life vs pro-choice. The dialectic has become a strategy for controlling the masses.

The Hegelian dialectic of thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis, (or problem, reaction, solution) moves the masses to a prescribed outcome that benefits the elite. The agenda that drives the Hegelian dialectic is one that gives the centralization of power to one governing body, the New World Order. This governing body requires complete obedience from each individual citizen. Under this enslavement system, the individual finds freedom only in obedience to the state, but we know this is not true freedom.

The current problems created by the globalists (Hegelian dialectic of 2022) has been inflation, supply chain issues and soaring real estate prices. The reaction in people is one of fear and despair which leads to despondency with regards to owning a home. Can you see how this sets the stage for Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset? 

The World Economic Forum declares that within 10 years, the citizens of the world will “own nothing and be happy”. If a growing number of the population gives up on home ownership, the metaverse suddenly becomes more enticing. Remember, the metaverse has been described as a place of escape, a place where new worlds and new economies can be created, and a place where property rights exist. While we won’t be able to own anything in the real world, rest assured, we can own things in the virtual world. And Klaus Schwab is quite certain we will all be happy about it!

If we consider the solutions offered by the Hegelian dialectics over the past two years, we can see more clearly the Nephilim Hosts’ agenda. In 2020, we experienced the suspension of our liberties to keep everyone “safe”, in 2021 the “vaccine passport” was implemented to re-open society with confidence (this was a massive data grab through surveillance), and in 2022 the Great Reset offers us the solution to own nothing and be happy. Do you see what’s happening? We are being lured into the trap of trading human interactions for a world of avatars, where the metaverse will be Pleasantville and real life will be a dystopian nightmare. 

Distance learning conditioned our children to accept the metaverse as a new way of life. The lockdowns were traumatic, but after a while, children learned to accept staying in their rooms and not leaving home for long periods of time. The more often the elites run us through this conditioning program, the more accustom we become to the restrictions. 

Like clockwork, the next round of conditioning has begun in Shanghai. They are in their fourth week of intense lockdown where 2-meter-tall green wire mesh fencing keeps people quarantined in their buildings. Police with hazmat suits are patrolling the streets.(13)  We must not forget that Schwab writes in The Great Reset that “the past five centuries in Europe and America have taught us that acute crises contribute to boosting the power of the state. It’s always been the case and there is no reason it should be different with the COVID-19 pandemic”(14) The ultimate goal for the global elites is to create a subservient population that welcomes without resistance, the metaverse and the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4-IR) is a convergence of advances in biotechnology and information technology.  Schwab states“The 4th industrial revolution doesn’t change what you are doing, it changes you.  If you take genetic editing as an example, it is you that is changed and of course this has a big impact on your identity.” The 4-IR is a fusion between our physical, biological, and digital identities. It marks the merging of Big Tech Data, machine learning, AI, quantum computing, genetics, robotics, and nanotechnology.(15) This presents an existential crisis of the highest order – will humans continue to exist in the near future? Yuval Noah Harari doesn’t think so.

Harari, an historian and advisor to Schwab, states “We are probably one of the last generations of homo sapiens.  Within a century or two, earth will be dominated by entities that are more different from us than we are different from Neanderthals or from chimpanzees. Because in the coming generations, we will learn how to engineer bodies, brains and minds. This will be the product of the 21st century economy, not vehicles, textiles and weapons, but bodies, brains and minds…Those who control the data, control the future of not just humanity, but of life itself. Because today, data is the most important asset of our time.”(16)

We are quickly approaching a day when humans can be hacked and our minds taken over. I assure you, this is not hyperbole. The globalists are celebrating the advancements in the human brain-cloud interface which is attempting to create a ‘global super-brain’ through the use of nanobots. In 2019, scientists from the Human Brain Cloud Interface project report that nanobots will be able to navigate the human vasculature, cross the blood-brain barrier and precisely auto-position themselves among, or even within brain cells. Nanobots would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain state monitoring and data extracting.(17) In other words, scientists are attempting to connect a network of human brains with AI to form a hive mind. This is the ultimate in mind-control!!

Preserving Humanity

One thing the globalists have lost sight of is humans are created in the image of God. While it may seem like the advancements of the metaverse and 4-IR are unstoppable, there is a God in heaven who has intervened throughout human history to thwart the attempts by globalists to usurp His authority. The 4-IR elevates scientists and global elites to a godlike status, as such, they presume it’s their prerogative to decide who is worthy of life and who is not. 

When Nimrod led his subjects in constructing the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens and usurp God’s authority, it didn’t end well. Yahweh stepped in and thwarted their plans. I believe a day of reckoning is coming for those who have attempted to usurp God’s authority. In my opinion, that day of reckoning can’t come fast enough. But God doesn’t act according to my timetable.

In the meantime, I suggest we resist! We resist the metaverse! We resist the 4-IR! We engage in activities that keep us human, such as, face-to-face interactions where we exchange heartfelt emotions with one another.  We spend time in nature and unplug from the internet. We get our hands dirty in the soil of our gardens. We celebrate when a baby is born through the womb of a mother.  We spur one another on to greatness. And above all, we express LOVE toward one another, something an avatar is not capable of!

Written by Laura Sanger, Ph.D.


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