How to Defend the Precious Mind of a Child from Evil

How to Defend the Precious Mind of a Child from Evil

This podcast reintroduces to our audience Dr. Laura Sanger, an accomplished Clinical Psychologist, a devoted, supportive wife and mother of two teenagers. Laura moves with the Presence of God and the Spirit of Wisdom. Laura offers to our listeners insights that are both spiritually insightful and professionally analyzed. Our nations children are being stolen from us through the use of mind control techniques. Initially, this information may sound scary and almost preposterous, yet if you listen to Dr. Laura reveal what the Lord has shown her you will know its true. Fortunately, the Word tells us if we abide in Him we will know the truth and the truth will set us free.


Come listen to gain a better understanding of how our government, media, educational and even religious organizations have bitten into the apple of witchcraft as a form of sorcery to infect the minds of our children in order to gain control over the next generation. Dr. Laura gives actual documented evidence and recounts actual stories of her experiences in her home state of Utah that show what is happening across the country with “Critical Race Theory” and other demonic doctrines designed to warp the critical thinking processes that God our Father has given us and our children.


The good news is that once you can identify what is happening in your own life and the lives of your children in your family whether they be children or grandchildren, Dr. Laura reveals what action steps we can take to help protect our children’s minds from this onslaught and further to take a stand for what is true in our communities: standing up for freedom and liberty!


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