Know Better Do Better - Part 1

Know Better Do Better - Part 1

In today's episode, we launch a compelling two-part series on the often overlooked realm of spiritual warfare, with part two scheduled for next week.

While many readily believe in angels and find entertainment in horror movies depicting the dark demonic realm, the deeper impact of these beliefs and activities on our earthly existence often goes unnoticed. Despite its profound importance, the exploration of this topic remains limited in most of today’s churches, even as daily battles ensue for the well-being of our souls. How is it that we readily accept miraculous events in the Bible like the virgin birth of Christ, yet less familiar supernatural aspects are harder to grasp?

Our guest, Dr. Laura Sanger, a clinical psychologist, founder of "No Longer Enslaved" ministry, author of the book “The Roots of the Federal Reserve,” and a devoted follower of Jesus, takes us on a deep dive into spiritual warfare, and into her own journey of breaking free from dark strongholds. Everything we speak on is biblically-based (you wouldn’t hear anything else from me). I invite you on this journey beyond the usual Sunday sermon topics, delving deeper into the supernatural aspects of God's Word. Whether you're a newcomer to exploring the Bible or you've spent your life in the front pew, Dr. Sanger's insights promise to connect the biblical puzzle pieces with the complexities of today's world.

So, get ready for an enhanced awareness of biblical theology and a fresh perspective on the world around you. This discussion holds more significance than you might realize!

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