Iniquity - The Gateway to Territorial Strongholds

Iniquity - The Gateway to Territorial Strongholds

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Dr. Laura Sanger discusses the roots of the Federal Reserve and the spiritual warfare tied to the Nephilim agenda. She explains spiritual mapping and its three components: reconnaissance, research, and informed intercession.

Dr. Sanger delves into the Nephilim agenda, which aims to defile the human genome and overthrow God's kingdom. She identifies physical traits and behavioral characteristics of the Nephilim and their giant offspring.

Iniquity, a pattern of sin stemming from a depraved mind, opens the door to territorial strongholds. Dr. Sanger emphasizes the importance of identificational repentance to break strongholds and the need to understand spiritual warfare. The conversation explores the concept of stewardship and how it relates to the spiritual and physical condition of the land. It discusses the iniquitous behavior of ancient tribes and its connection to Nephilim hosts. The importance of identifying and removing curses and defilement from the land is emphasized. Strategies for cleansing the land include identificational repentance, blessing the land with scripture, and taking communion. The power of prayer and intercession in shifting atmospheres is highlighted.


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