Kingdom Warriors - SRA, Legal Trafficking, Mapping, and Frequency Healing

Kingdom Warriors - SRA, Legal Trafficking, Mapping, and Frequency Healing

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Jodi LoDolce of Warriors Rise interviews a panel of Kingdom Warriors leading the charge in specialty areas such as SRA, Legal Kidnapping, Tracking/Mapping, Rescue, Frequency Healing and more....

Guests include:
Ms. Tea - Founder - Isaiah 61 Ministries - International Executive Administrator of the "Save One Soul Project Taskforce Coalition" -Advocate for SRA, Sex Trafficked Victims, Government Sponsored Kidnapping & Mind Control expert, along with Advocate for Court sponsored 'Legal Kidnapping.' Tea is also a Bloodline case expert; all while living through her own high level active case right now in her own family. She serves the Lord by helping others & victims alike, as an advocate & Team Lead, who comes from a place of understanding, spiritual awareness, being a current victim & Survivor/Overcomer, of her own trauma, of her own Trafficked & Government Sponsored kidnapped child into the Hierarchy System/Government intelligence Programs Internationally.
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Kelly Hawley - founder and executive direction of Warrior Bride Ministries. Kelly Hawley is a Ministerial Trauma Specialist, Ordained Minister, Founder and Executive Director of Warrior Bride Ministries specializing in inner healing and deliverance for survivors of ritual abuse and childhood exploitation. Kelly has served individuals and families impacted by child sexual abuse and exploitation for over 15 years including working as a Director of Healing Retreats for Voice Today. While ministering to survivors with similar stories as her own, she noticed the Lord was sending many who had been trafficked. That exposed her to the bigger picture of ritual abuse and the lack of help available to trafficked survivors and those with dissociative identity disorder (DID). After being called out of corporate America to start her own business about 10 years ago, her heart for seeing others healed and redeemed continued to be her growing passion. In 2021, Kelly founded Warrior Bride Ministries with the mission of providing biblical healing and restoration to child exploitation survivors. Warrior Bride Ministries focuses on the extensive healing journey that occurs after being rescued. The office is in Kennesaw GA and serves clients internationally. In addition to inner healing and deliverance, Warrior Bride Ministries partners with others in the healing profession to offer Biocharge, DBT, CBT, Sand Tray Therapy, Life Skills Coaching, Attachment, Boundaries, and CSA support groups, and discipleship to survivors free of charge. Kelly embraces the call to unite the body of Christ to become educated and involved through church partnerships by hosting Counting the Cost conferences. It has been an amazing journey with the Lord walking survivors through healing by incorporating mind, body, spirit, and soul. Kelly enjoys continuing education opportunities as the Lord continues to reveal the enemy’s blueprint of war and His victory plan for survivors. When not working, she loves being outdoors, traveling, and relaxing at the lake with her family. Her heart’s cry is for all believers to embrace Isaiah 61 by becoming equipped to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free. Please donate if possible ... this ministry is vital for the healing that is coming to the captives.

Dr. Laura Sanger - Is Clinical Psychologist, an author, and a small business owner. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego. Received a M.A. in Theology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has experienced the miraculous hand of God in multiple ways, both as a child and as an adult. She believes in the power of the Holy Spirit, and the full activation of the gifts of the Spirit. She is a prophetic intercessor and spiritual warrior and is passionate about seeing people set free and reaching their full potential. She is eternally grateful that Jesus has set her free from the chains that bound her. With joy, She declares that she is No Longer Enslaved!
Rumble: NoLongerEnslaved

Christina Nicole - Christina has spent 20 years working extensively in the field of crisis intervention, and over a decade serving Kingdom leaders, families, and individuals through rare difficult spiritual warfare matters. She has witnessed countless stories of individuals who emerged from the depths of unfathomable battles and found new unraveling revelations of strength and healing from complex traumas, fragmentation integration, bloodline recovery, gifting activation, and keys from prophetic ascensions.

The mission behind “Daughters of Warfare” is not only to serve others in dire need, but also to equip an army of Kingdom intercessors & deliverance ministers through honor! The future vision would be raising up effective special ops intercession teams, globally. Ensuring a vetting process, protocol, trainings, resources, personal ministry, and immediate access for support, as well as a safe culture and community.

But the sole purpose will always be for wholeness and breakthrough in Christ by His Word and divine inspiration revelation from heaven's scrolls which were written for His heirs to accomplish. It's vital to have warriors along side you to navigate the often-challenging terrain of strategic spiritual warfare over ones heart, region, and nation. The foundation of this ministry is love, wisdom, and integrity. The time is now!

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